Cebu Chapter

Welcome to PAS Cebu Chapter


from the President Ms. Ruby Ellen Valencia:


Moving forward, as ONE, I would like to give special importance to the fact that PAS’  theme this year is still in line with our association’s continuous journey towards achieving excellence in each of our respective fields of endeavor.



This year is basically aimed towards making sure all members of PAS, as well as our other colleagues in the administrative field, are prepared to face the ever-growing responsibilities given to administrative professionals in the workplace.  The 2015 Theme: “Keeping Pace with Expanding Responsibilities”  will serve as a blueprint to guide us throughout the year, to make sure our members become more pro-active, well-versed, more knowledgeable, and fully equipped to meet the ever-expanding demands from the respective companies we work for.  We hope to be able to provide our members with more, and equally better opportunities to learn new skills, develop our personalities, and explore the vast horizon for self-improvement, so that we will be well-rounded professionals.

I have always envisioned our association to be more than just any other civic, social, educational or business organization in Cebu. One that is not among the mediocre, but one which is very well-respected in the professional arena. An organization whose members will always embody the very essence of the association’s core values, as well as its quest for excellence.

This year, the 2015 Officers, Trustees and Committee Chairs are all committed, and look forward in leading the PAS Team towards the goal to continuously develop each PASer.

Once again, may I enjoin every member to get more involved so that we can successfully achieve the goals we have set for PAS.  Let us all carry out and embody the spirit of volunteerism in every project we pursue.  Let us all work cohesively and support each other as a team, be more engaged, and stay positive amidst difficulties and everyday challenges at work, and at home.

We must bear in mind that the outcome of successful career management should include personal fulfillment, financial stability, achieving noble goals, cultivating spiritual strength, and work/life balance.    Let us all soar to greater heights, together and as ONE.  No one should be left behind.

Above all else, let us be wonderfully blessed, and be a blessing to others.



2015   PAS President

CFHI Operations Director