Cebu Chapter

Welcome to PAS Cebu Chapter


from the President Ms. Rosella Abobo:


Ms. Rosella Abobo - 2014 President


2014 is another promising year for the association after celebrating its Golden Years. What activities to plan out after the big celebration is the greatest challenge we have to take as we continue to uphold PAS Core Values through the years.

Being the captain of the ship involves full commitment to the association. The task to encourage members to participate is both exhausting and fulfilling, but No pain, No gain as they say. It is an honor to be given the responsibility and no one said it’s going to be easy. For the love of PAS someone has to lead and I take it with “gusto” knowing that 64 committed ladies are supporting me wholeheartedly.

This year the membership will no longer be focused on one committee. It is going to be an inter-committee arrangement where we build a team but we help other teams build themselves. Everyone will lend a helping hand. Everyone will reach out to others and no one shall be left behind. We will no longer be limited to one committee. We are PAS all in one.

PAS Cebu: Upholding its Core Values through the Years. We have been versatile through the years. With an excellent team, I am confident to say, Yes we can make it. Together we shall make this year pass with many things to remember by.